VIP-CARES Virtual Patients:



The Virtual Inter-professional Patients as Contraception & Abortion Resources for the Education of Students (VIP-CARES) project was created after students approached educators in the UBC schools of Nursing, Medicine, Midwifery and Pharmaceutical Sciences, identifying contraception and abortion as areas of deficiency in their curricula.


Students representing all four schools, and soon Counseling Psychology as well, worked with Computer Science students to develop virtual patients after extensive consultation with community professionals in each of these disciplines to ensure relevance and realism. Content seminars were provided by UBC faculty in each of the disciplines as well as those by faculty with expertise in social justice, cultural heritage and optimal teaching and distance learning techniques.



Virtual Patient


Aprilís Education

A 16 year old woman from a remote First Nations reserve seeking initiation of contraception.

Post Partum Pamela

A 30 year old woman arriving for her six week post partum check to discuss contraception.

Xiaoís Missed Period

A 24 year old Mandarin speaking student who misses her period.

Bethís Emergency

A 22 year old female seeking Emergency Contraception at her pharmacy.

Annís Assessment

A 34 year old school teacher facing issues of interpersonal violence in her relationship.

Reducing Rosaís Risk

A 25 year old woman arrives at a family practice office to seek advice on contraceptive methods to prevent the development of FASD.

Saraís Assault

A 15 year old teenage girl at a youth clinic who was a victim to sexual assault.

Melodyís Dilemma

A 28 year-old woman arrives at a midwifery clinic who finds out she is pregnant.


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